Signalica designs and manufactures test and measurement solutions for various applications: test and measurements, radars, medical, aerospace and defense, industrial IoT, wired and wireless communications. Each Signalica product is thoroughly tested in our own laboratory. This allows us to ensure that you receive reliable, secure, high quality and built to last products.


We strive to create devices characterized by a number of distinctive features:
Easy handling
Power and control via USB
High quality and long service life
Each device is assembled by hand and thoroughly checked by our specialists.
Reliable technologies in line with the latest developments
Signal generator

USB Signal generator

— Output frequency range from 25 MHz to 6/12/20 GHz
Analog modulations (AM, PM, FM, PulM)
— Output power range from −40 to +10 dBm
Compact and easy to handle
USB 2.0/3.0 controlled and powered

SPG signal generator creates harmonic signals with frequency tuning range from 25 MHz to 6/12/20 GHz with 1 Hz step and power tuning range from −40 to +10 dBm with 1 dB step. The output signal can be modulated by an internal or external source. The SPG signal generator is widely used for communication, navigation, and instrumentation applications.
Power sensor

USB Power meter

— Operating frequency range from 50 MHz to 6/25.5/50 GHz
— Dynamic range from -50 dBm to +20 dBm
Internal zeroing function, eliminates requirement for external calibration
True RMS power measurements
USB 2.0 controlled and powered

The device is designed to measure microwave signal power from 50 MHz up to 6/26.5/50 GHz. The SPS power sensor is used for manufacturing and monitoring of RF and MW devices as well as for tuning and testing of microwave assemblies used in communications, instrument engineering and measuring equipment.
Coaxial adapters

Microwave accessories

- Coaxial Adapters
- Panel Mount Coaxial Adapters
- Coaxial-to-Microstrip Adapters
- Attenuators
- Calibration Kits for NA

Signalica designs and produces many various types of passive microwave devices that are used in signal transmission lines and measurement applications. All accessories provide the high parameters in the frequency range up to 50 GHz, such as small insertion loss and low SWR.

- Detectors
- Directional Couplers
- Microwave Accessories Kits
- Power Dividers
- Loads

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