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SPG-series signal generators
SPG signal generator creates harmonic signals with frequency tuning range from 20 to 6/12/20 GHz with 1 Hz step and power tuning range from −40 to −10 dBm with 1 dB step. The output signal can be modulated by an internal or external source.

The SPG signal generator is widely used for communication, navigation, and instrumentation applications.

Main functions
— CW signal generation with stepped frequency and
power tuning.
— Frequency and power sweep, list with predefined
trigger source.
— Modulated CW signal generation with internal or
external modulations source.
— CW low frequency and standard shapes signal generation
with stepped frequency and amplitude tuning.
— SCPI command system ensures the flexible embedding
in complex systems.
— Easy to use
— List editor
— Preset save and load

Technical Specifications
Operating frequency range25 MHz …6 GHz25 MHz …12 GHz25 MHz …20 GHz
Frequency step, GHz1
Power level range, dBm−40…+10
Power level step, dB1
Power level accuracy, dB±1±2±2
SSB Phase noise,dBc/Hz @ offset from 1 GHz carrier of
1 kHz–108–105–108
10 kHz–117–113–117
100 kHz–115–112–113
1 MHz–128–128–128
10 MHz–150–150–148
Non-harmonics, dBc<−60
Harmonics, dBc, max.−2520
Subharmonic level, dBmno–50–50
MW modulations
Modulation typesAM, FM, PM, PulM from built-in\ external source
Pulse width1 μs…32 ms for built-in source >40 ns for external-source
On/off ratio, dB, min.50
Rise/fall times, ns<10
Reference oscillator
Frequency, MHz10
Thermal instability<10-6
External reference oscillator frequency, MHz10…100 with 10 MHz step
Output impedance, Ω50
External reference signal lock range< 5х10-6
Output power, dBm> 0
External reference power range, dBm0...10
Input impedance, Ω50
Connector types
RF outputSMA female, Type N female
LFG, REF, Trigger, Sync outputsMCX, female
Power supply and controlUSB 2.0 Mini-B