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SPS power sensor
The device is designed to measure microwave signal
power from 50 MHz up to 6/26.5/50 GHz. The SPS power
sensor is used for manufacturing and monitoring of RF and
MW devices as well as for tuning and testing of microwave
assemblies used in communications, instrument engineering
and measuring equipment.

• operation as a part of a measuring system;
• absolute and relative power measurement modes;
• displaying results in linear and logarithmic scales;
• time-gated measurement with signal envelope indication (SPS06);
• logging measured data in computer file.

Power sensors are provided with connectors for external synchronization. SCPI-based text command system provides device integration with automated instrumentation systems.
SPS-Client software is used to interact with SPS power sensor.

• user-friendly interface;
• saving measurement data to file;
• setting of compensation for attenuation/amplification by external devices;
• graphic display of measurement data;
• signal-wave envelope display (in accumulation mode, available for SPS06);
• time markers to monitor signal power variations;
• saving/downloading profiles for measuring circuits.
The main abilities of SPS sensors are following:

Technical Specifications
Operating frequency range50 MHz …6 GHz50 MHz …26.5 GHz50 MHz …50 GHz
Power measurement range−50…+20 dBm (10 nW…100 mW)
Allowable measurement error±10%±7%±7% (50 MHz ... 26.5 GHz)
±10% (26.5 ... 40 GHz)
±12% (40 ... 50 GHz)
Input VSWR, max1.21.20 (50 MHz…26.5 GHz)
1.45 (26.5…40 GHz)
1.80 (40…50 GHz)
Wave impedance50 Ω
Video band of meter, typical100 kHz
Measurement time
Time required to establish operating mode, max.5 sec
Single measurement, max.20 meas./sec
On-line measurements (in accumulation mode), min.12000 meas./sec
Connector types
Microwave outputType N, SMA
(male or female)
3.5 mm (male)2.4 mm (male)
Trigger input/outputMCX, female
Power and controlUSB 2.0 Mini-B
Operating temperature range+5…+50 °С
Dimensions (L × W × H)125 × 65 × 25 mm135 × 65 × 25 mm
Weight0.25 kg0.35 kg